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On-line Interviews

Guy Sier,
Guy Sier of New Tribes Missions talking about the rebels in the Philippines. 4/3/00 (real audio only)
Robert Niklaus,
Robert Niklaus of Christian and Missionary Alliance talking about the drought in Mongolia. 3/30/00 (real audio only)
David Befus,
President of Latin America Mission talking about economics in Latin America. 3/28/00 (real audio only)
Peter Deyneka,
President of Russian Ministries talking about the elections in Russia. 3/28/00 (real audio only)
Sonny Enriquez,
International Aid's Director of Relief talking about the flooding in Mozambique. 3/27/00 (real audio only)
Hank Paulson,
New Hope International's Director talking about economic struggles impacting the Church in the Ukraine. 3/22/00 (real audio only)
David Sudlow,
Christians For Israel talking about the Pope's visit to Israel. 3/21/00 (real audio only)
Jerry Kitchel
International Aid's Director of Communications talking about the flooding crisis in Mozambique. 3/032/00 (real audio only)
Paul Montecute
President of Baptist World Aid talking about the flooding crisis in Mozambique. 3/02/00 (real audio only)
Shaun Walsh
V.P. International Relief for Food for the Hungry talking about the flooding crisis in Mozambique. 3/01/00 (real audio only)
David Lagacho
of Back to the Bible talking about military coup in Ecuador. 1/25/00 (real audio only)
Sharon LaNoue and Shelly Kihnke,
of Bethany Christian Services talking about adoption of special needs children in the U-S. 12/21/99 (real audio only)
Lee DeYoung,
Vice President for broadcasting with Words of Hope, on Sudan's government shake up and its impact on the church. 12/15/99 (real audio only)
Dwight Vogt
with Food For the Hungry, on the cyclone that hit India. 11/02/99 (real audio only)
Scott Ross
with New Tribes Mission, on the search for the missionary hostages. 10/25/99 (real audio only)
Scott Ross
with New Tribes Mission, talks about the three missionary hostages. 10/19/99 (real audio only)
Steven Paul
with Words of Hope, India talks about India elections and the impact in evangelism. 9/30/99 (real audio only)
Terry Harder
with SEND International talks about how their missionaries are coping after the earthquake in Taiwan. 9/23/99 (real audio only)
Mark Knopers
with Christian Reformed Church World Mission talks about the church in Taiwan and the earthquake. 9/22/99 (real audio only)
Sammy Tippit
Evangelist with God's Love in Action talks about the See You At the Pole Church shooting. 9/17/99 (real audio only)
See You At the Pole 1999
The Sounds of the event from a Michigan School. 9/15/99 (real audio only)
Doug Campbell
with Far East Broadcasting Company, talking about the conflict in. 9/15/99 (real audio only)
Guy Sire
with New Tribes Mission Mission, talking about the Colombian conflict and its impact on the hostage situation. 7/22/99 (real audio only)
John Jackson
with The Evangelical Alliance Mission, talking about missionary Herb Gregg's release from Dagestan. 6/29/99 (real audio only)
Johnny Kim
Director of Manmin World Mission in South Korea talks Manmin's work around the world. 6/24/99 (real audio only)
Paul Eshleman
Director of the Jesus Film Project talks about the goals and new partnerships. 6/22/99 (real audio only)
Werner Burklin
Founder and President of Werner Burklin Ministries talking about the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy. 5/11/99 (real audio only)
Jerry Nellenbach
with Shelter Now International talking about providing shelter for Kosovo refugees. 4/29/99 (real audio only)
John Gilman
with Dayspring International talking about the fall of the Indian government and its affect on mission work. 4/20/99 (real audio only)
Roe Ann Wood
spokeswoman with Food For the Hungry talking about the Kosovar refugee problem. 3/30/99 (real audio only)
Brother Paul
of Asia Minorities Outreach talking about the Yi peoples in China. 3/23/99 (real audio only)
Sammy Tippit
President of God's Love In Action talking about historic meetings in Dubai. 3/17/99 (real audio only)
Sammy Tippit
President of God's Love In Action talking about open air meeting. 3/16/99 (real audio only)
Sammy Tippit
President of God's Love In Action talking about Arabic Satellite broadcasts. 3/12/99 (real audio only)
Sammy Tippit
President of God's Love In Action talking about meetings in the United Arab Emirates. 3/10/99 (real audio only)
Brad Quicksall
Spokesman for Bible Literature International talking about their work in Colombia and India. 2/19/99 (real audio only)
Mark Volkers
Spokesman for the Christian Reformed Church World Mission talking about the Sierra Leone conflict. 1/08/99 (real audio only)
Patti Tenenoff
Wife of New Tribes missionary hostage Rick Tenenoff. 12/22/98 (real audio only)
Terry Madison
USA President of Open Doors with the World Watch List. 5/21/98 (real audio only)
Scott Ross
New Tribes Mission spokesman with a Hostage update. 3/19/98
Andy Knight
Athletes In Action spokesman talking about ministry to the Olympics in Japan. 1/98
Scott Ross
New Tribes Mission spokesman discussing a human rights conference scheduled for November 4th that could have implications on the release of the missionary hostages. 10/24/97
David Mains
President of Mainstay Christian Resources and speaker on the Chapel of the Air talking about the latest 50-Day Spiritual Adventure. 9/30/97
David Genn,
Executive Director Awana Clubs International commenting on new programs in India, China and the United States. 3/06/97
Scott Ross,
Spokesman for News Tribes Mission on the 4th anniversary of the mission hostage situation. 1/31/97
Patty Tenenoff,
Wife of New Tribes Missionary Hostage Rick Tenenoff. 1/31/97
Ray Rising,
Missionary with Summer Institute of Linguistics talking about his kidnapping and release in Colombia. 7/96